Asma Sultana

Bio of Asma Sultana


Asma Sultana, a name synonymous to fashion. One of the very few who is representing Bangladesh in global fashion industry. Looking back in her journey she reminiscence moments when her mother dressed her in fashionable ways. Her interest towards fashion started growing. Seeds sprouted.
When she was a teenager, Asma met a boy who shared a lot of similar interests. They both liked fashion, both dedicated for excellence and both with common mindset of disrupting this dead industry. They decided to put their best efforts and do something about it, all while enrolled in a medical school on their 3rd year.
They decided saving funds from their daily allowance. After a year, when they had saved few thousands, they decided investing that money into fashionable apparels and exhibited them in a fair. Success came in tiny little packages after each sold out fair. They knew they had eyes for it.
Asma completed her M.B.B.S, D.M.U, and A.D.M.S from medical school and started practicing while working on her passion as well. After 2 years of practicing she decided to give full time to fashion.
Starting from a small showroom for designs, Asma and Tanjim, was looking out to build their own labels and take Bangladesh to newer heights. Their first multi branded store “Ecstasy” came into existence in 1997. Rest, as everyone knows is history.
The curious boy in the medical school and Asma got married in the year of 2000. She remembers those early days, “We were very happy, but a horrific chapter began when my husband quit medical school in the 5th year and joined design school. My husband and I worked in Ecstasy as much as we could, and we studied at night. Tanjim and I have come a long way from where we were. We started with almost 200 square feet shop and now it reaches almost 50,000 sqft.“
Asma was never destined from a normal life. Her introduction to Tanjim, their creation of Ecstasy and their three daughters were only further life celebrations they’ll cherish forever. Zara, Zaina led to the creation of private label ZarZain where Zoana inspired her to create ZoanAsh.
ZarZain is now one of the largest women’s clothing brand in Bangladesh. ZaonAsh on the other hand caters to couture line. Her vision for both brands is different and she spends a lot of time in both brands.
In February 2017, Asma’s label Zoan Ash premiered at New York Fashion Week in Madison Square Garden. The attires predominantly featured ‘deshi’ weaves like Katan, Jamdani, etc. and were inspired from ancient royal themes and designs. She has stated that her efforts were aimed to highlight Bangladesh on the international platform.
On 4th September 2018, the Seine River in Paris was stunningly lit up by an artistic celebration of fashion, beauty, and women empowerment at the 7th anniversary of Jessica Minh Anh’s “Catwalk on water” series. Bangladeshi haute couturier Zoan Ash by Asma Sultana showcased a heavily embellished and hand-beaded collection inspired by royal warriors.
She participated in World Vision Fashion Show’s GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ATTEMPTS in Madrid Spain 2019 and ZOAN ASH got the medal from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ATTEMPTS.
Asma attended Pre Emmy on October 2016, where her collection was exhibited in Pre-Emmy’s lounge at 68th Emmy award. She presented her brand at the Pre-Emmy’s gifting guide.
Her designer dresses were worn by Hollywood celebrities like 7 times Grammy award winner Toni Braxton, Vanessa curry, Bei Ling, Liana Mendoza, etc.
“If you have a vision, you can reach far.”- Her Mantra to life and work she does. She was featured in a mainstream magazine along with an international celebrity fashion designer. Upon seeing joined feature, he flew all the way from Hollywood to Dhaka to meet her. Her designs spoke for itself which awed him.
Asma never lost direction of her sight, and things she wanted to achieve. Just like days in the 90s she still grinds harder than the next person and lives in fashion through her creations.